You wanna talk shit about my kid?!? Go ahead…I dare you….

So today I did basically the unimaginable for a mom of a boy….I brought him to his first dance classes. It was epic, and pretty much all I’d ever dreamed of (both from my perspective at least, lol) but I couldn’t help but already feel the judgement headed our way. Maybe I’m imagining it. In fact, I hope I’m imagining it…like most of my other anxiety issues, I hope it doesn’t really exist and I’m just “making something out of nothing” as usual, as so many like to say. That’s a best case scenario, really. 

But yet, I still felt like I had to use a #boysdancetoo in my post about his first day. I feel like I’m already SO ready to fight this “imaginary” fight for my son who is taking not one, but TWO (gasp! Two! 😱) dance classes this year. I’m so ready for someone to make the wrong comment at me; to use my too-well-rehearsed comebacks for whatever they might have to throw at me. FR though…

But you know what I didn’t expect? This rare little mom-gem, born at the spur of the moment. Feel free to steal it, since I basically stole it from my own mother anyway…..

L: [after 5 full minutes of excitement about what he’d just done] “Mom, it’s just girls in my class though, I’m the only BOY!!” Me: “You know what that means? That you’ll *always* be the best boy in the class.” His eyes lit up and, if even just for a moment, all his thoughts melted away at that. He was the best boy, and right then he knew it. I hope he holds on to that one. And I’m beyond proud of myself for thinking of it at the exact moment he needed to hear it. 

It’s too easy for me to get frustrated, even with Logan. It’s too easy to make excuses and say I’m stressed out and react like a maniac to everything that comes my way. Believe me. I could have dragged him out of that studio screaming at him about how lucky he was to even be taking classes, or about all the things that we would all be missing out on to put him in them, or really, even how ferociously I was willing to fight for him to do what he loves (because to begin with, lets face it – we’re doing all of this because the effing kid loves to dance). 

But I didn’t. That’s the whole point. He, between classes, thought about getting mouthy for a second and I squashed it right quick. …*[Hard-ass staredown] We’re not doing that right now… [redirection]* and conversation over. 

In no way am I pretending that I’m always right or even that I know what the fuck I’m doing at any given moment. I just felt like for one second, I had a good moment I wanted to share. Maybe it might be helpful or insightful from someone else (because I’ve had plenty of my own moments in those “small stories”) but really it’s just that I’m overloaded with twins and life and school and work, (and Logan, which seems like an afterthought only because he’s SO damn easy) and every other fucking thing that we all are dealing with daily. But today…maybe just today…today, me and my favorite little guy, we had one of the best days we’ve ever had. And that’s all that could ever matter. That’s all 😜🀘🏻 #boysdancetoo #dancemom 


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